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From the era of Patan's Maharaja Kumarpal and kalikal Sarvagnya Acharya Hemchandracharya's time i.e. approximately form 900 years, patan has become world famous because of its "Patan na Patola" and "Doble lkat" weaving work.

1. "Double Ikat" Patan na Patola - saree means, equal design on both sides, wearable on both sides and even the weaver can not identify which side is the front or which is the back.

2. In "Double Ikat" handicraft, not a machine or computer has been used. It is compactly hand weaved item. if there are 3 persons, it will take 4 to 6 months to weave one Patolu. These skills, like carefulness, deep calculations , mind, patience, perception, attention and very hard working, now only 3 families out of 700 families are preserving it.

3. In era of science and technology, no single Country is able to take this handicraft on machine in the world. With such reasons Patola of Patan has become world famous.

4. Any cloth weaved by hand can not last up 80 to 100 years. But Patan na Patola lasts up to 80 to 100 years , and after that, if you want to sale it, you will get much more price than price of purchase. That way, you can say it is an invaluable ornament of your home.

5. Patan na Patola keep the colors approximately for 300 years. No other sari of India can keep its colors this long time.

6. The loom for Patan na Patola is operated only by hand, has no leg paddle and is slanted at one end. The loom is only a frame with no mechanical motions. One can not find such loom in the world elsewhere. This is the ideal loom for making Patan na Patola of Salvi craftsmen.

7. Salvies used a special measurement tape in the weaving work of Patan na Patola from hundreds of years that can convert measures into nano or micro centimeter as well width of hair. Any other craftsmen do not have such technique.

8. Patan na Patola were made in such small size that could pass through ring before 80 years. Because of such reasons Patan na Patola have special importance, visitors come to Patan to view this never seen, precious and unique handicraft in Patan from all over the world.

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