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• In any weaving process the tools and implements Used are of main value.
• Even in the making of a patola there are several Tools,all of which are traditional and not Mechanized.
• These were the same tools that were used by their Ancestors and they are still used by them.
• The main instrument in the weaving process is the Vih{beating rod}.
• It is used to beat the last pick inserted to the fell of The cloth.
• This is made from sesame wood and is long Lasting.
• But the part of the vih which comes in contact With the fabric tends to get a little sharp by beating Constantly. This can affect the silk yarns and may Cause damage. So as soon as it turns a little sharp With the help of a sand paper it is once again made Smooth.

•The cloth beam is called lakdi ni tor.
• The patola after being woven is wound on it
• It is cuboidal in shape with the two ends pointed.
• Then cloth beam which has holes so as to tie the Stick to the cloth beam. This is known as vatadi.
• The warp which is tied to the vatadi is not woven Directly but a gap is left as yarns only which are Later tied in small knots during fineshing.

• TO hold the whole loom in the typical slanted Position and also to keep the loom upright, tight And leveled, mokdi is used.
• It is used to make the loom tight or loose or alos to Take it forward after little warp has been Consumed.
• It lets off the whole loom.
• It is tied to the loom with the help of rope and is Made of wood.
• Before starting the weaving of this fabric, starch Has to be applied in some form so as to reduce the Hsrriness and to make weaving easier. It also Increases the strength of the yarn.
• They use osman (rice starch)which is first Applied by hand and then uniformly spread on the Warp by kuchdi (bursh).
• It is made from "netar na mulya"(roots of cane).
• The brush is also called vala kuchdi

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