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Our Mission
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Today, the culture of craft is still strongly embedded in India, and remains connected to the lifestyle and history of the country. However, the growing demand for foreign and machine made products is quickly displacing handmade goods. Some artisans also struggle to earn fair wages from their trade as people's appreciation and awareness of the skill behind craft dwindles. These caretakers of our centuries old art and tradition are on the verge of extinction. Despite these challenges, craft strongly continues to lend to the colour and diversity of India.

There was a time when crafts were given great importance and therefore artisans were given great respect. Though many of these crafts may not be seen as 'fashionable' by today's standards, they were definitely eco-friendly and did not disturb nature's cycle. Now-a-days, we have broken nature's cycle by using ecologically harmful products and this behaviour reflects our current relationship with the earth and our nations' crafts. It is high time we revive our traditions and make up for nature's loss.


We value the deep connection between a craftsman and his/her craft. We believe this connection is part of a universal creative process that is divine. We place the holistic development and happiness of all craftsmen first. Co-existence with nature, people, and animals is part of their daily lives. Somewhere we tend to forget that they are still an integral part of our culture and keeping the tradition in our villages alive. It's time we weave them back into our lives and ensure they get the place they deserve.


• Revive, Preserve and Share the craft traditions of PATAN NA PATOLA to the world.
• Develop a scalable & sustainable model for craft development.
• Build a network of organizations and partner members that include:
• Artisans, NGO's, Self-help groups & cooperatives
• Business, corporate, Individuals and experts
• Design and management institutes(NID, NIFT)

HELP KARO YAAR FOUNDATIN supports artisans with:

• Creation of micro-finance banks
• Raw material banks
• Entrepreneurial training
• Use of new age technology
• Documentation of designs & process of craft forms
• Fostering community development

If this message touches your heart, Pls. forward this to at least one friend and spread the word. Join us on https://www.facebook.com/pages/PATAN-Patola/1380692825532915?ref=hl

Let's co-create a better world for all of us to live happily.

With love,


"We do not accomplish anything alone. Whatever happens is a result of weaving individual threads from each of our lives to create something beautiful"